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Thursday, September 30, 2010

5k Pictures and latest GOOD NEWS update

First of all we want to THANK EVERYONE that helped make the 5k such a success!  It was a wonderful day so full of love and support.  The only count we have is that we served around 200 lunches.  That is amazing!  The total amount raised was $4664.50 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
If we started with naming names this would go on forever.  You know who you are and you know that we love you and appreciate every single thing you have done to help with the fundraisers for Army For Sjon because of all of YOU so many lives are blessed.
There were alot of pictures taken that day and we only have some of them.  If you have pictures you would like to share on here please email them to us at and we will post them.

Sjon's last Dr. appointment went very well.  The surgeon said that at this time Sjon is N.E.D. what that means is there is No Evidence of Disease.  He feels that with all of the surgeries they have gotten everything at this time.  He told Sjon that he feels like chemo and radiation may not be needed at this time and they could just monitor him but it comes down to what the Oncologist has to say on Oct. 1st.  This is very good news!  It does not means he is cancer free but it means he is doing incredibly well and really this is nothing short of a miracle!  We will keep you posted and thank you all for your positive energy and prayers they are working!

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