Cookies for a cause fundraiser!!!!

We need help getting the word out for Cookies for a cause fundraiser for Sjon. Cookies can be picked up in Santaquin and will be delivered to the SLC area once a week. For more information call Shannon 801-854-3005

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cookies For a Cause Fundraiser Feb. 16th to March 16th

How about something yummy and helpful at the same time??

We are starting Cookies For A Cause for Sjon today. It will last for a month and we need your help. Help getting the word out and ordering cookies!

If you have any questions and to place your order you can call Shannon at 801-854-3005 or at the bakery 801-754-1192. You may also place your order through email We are able to accept credit cards for this.

This sugar cookie was designed for Sjon at Lil' Brown Sugars Bakery. In an effort to help his family with expenses during this time.

Cookies are on an order basis and can be purchased in a

6 pack for $9.00 or a dozen for $18.00

We can mail them to you if you live to far away for the flat rate fee of around $10 for shipping.

They will be available for pickup in Santaquin and can be delivered to the SLC and Nephi areas once a week.

All profit from each cookie purchased will be given to Sjon.

Thank you so much for your continued support and love!

*Since Sjon is an amazing guy we want to pay it forward because that is what he does, help others. If you know someone else in need of a fundraiser that Cookies For A Cause could help contact Shannon. This is something that we want to keep going at Lil' Brown Sugars

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