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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting up to date since December

So much has happened in the last couple of months with Sjon, Angie and their family we wanted to get everything updated and keep it going.  The best way to do this is to start with December and go forward with the updates that Sjon and Angie have been leaving on facebook.  We will continue to update and there are a couple more fundraisers being organized.  Thank you all again so much for your continued support and love that you have shown this past 9 months.  XO

December 5th (Sjon Lavery facebook)
Update: Well I was really putting out their that I was complete with treatments but I guess I just have more work to do. My results came back and they found more cancer in my abdomen, small intestines,couple spots on my right side and my right hip. But it's all good I've come a long way with all the love and support and I've got a ways to go but I know with all the angels in my life their's miracles awaiting ♥

December 31st (Angie Lavery facebook)
Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Years Eve - This year has been a challenging one. But, there has been more positive experiences than negative ones. We as a family have been so lucky to have family and friends that have truly shown up for us in so many unselfish ways. We cannot express enough how much we love all of you. It really makes tears come to our eyes when we see how much love and support we have. We still have a long road ahead of us but it makes it easier knowing that we have wonderful and loving people in our lives. BE SAFE tonight. All our love Sjon and Angie <3<3<3 ( had to get the hearts in there)

January 13th (Sjon Lavery facebook)
Update on me: I haven't updated in quite a while because this last while has been tough on me both emotionally and physically and that's hard for me to admit!! I'm doing chemo and did pin point radiation on my brain so I've bean really sick not because of the cancer it's the stuff going in my body so that's good news!! Over all I'm doing amazing it's just kinda a wild roller coaster ride. Actually I'm so grateful to go through this challenge because it will assist me in showing that much bigger in life and so many peoples lives!! Love you all <3
January 19th (Angie Lavery facebook)
A few more bumps in the road - - Colton was diagnosed with diabetes yesterday. I love his sense of humor. He hates needles. I love you Colton and you will make an awesome fireman.

January 28th (Angie Lavery facebook)
Update: We found out yesterday that the chemo treatments didn't work for Sjon. There are a few more places that this rotten cancer has gone and some of the ones that were already there have gotten bigger. Yes we are frustrated and disappointed but doing good. Will be meeting with a doctor from the Huntsman Center next. We love you all

January 30th (Sjon Lavery facebook)
My update! Well we found out last week that the chemo did not work at all so the spots on the abdomen, small intestines, hip are bigger and it's now in my liver and pelvis. We go and meet a specialist on Friday that is a melanoma specialist by the name of Ken Grossman up at the U to get a new game plan going!! I got really sick last week but I'm feeling much better now. It was just really hard getting that news so I'm doing alot of shifting with emotions and attitude and I know their is good news in everything it just takes some concious looking to find it sometimes. I know God has a plan for everything so I'm committed to be in partnership with him in this journey and to all you angels out their doing your perfect work in assisting me every day thank you thank you thank you!! I am powerful enough to do this alone but why when I have the greatest team ever (I AM NOT ALONE) YAAAAH!


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